- Enas = Friendly & Marwa = Firestone -

Now and then we visited Sabine Horn with our girls Diibaajah and Cabir.
We saw then how Sabine's salukis were acting. Especially Alyasou al
Djiibaajah is an gorgeous appearance. She is a beautiful build bitch with
sound movement.  Sou has a very expressive female head. Her character
was preferable for us. Very attend and not complicated to read in her attitude
and behavior.  Sou comes to take a look and then she goose her own way.
She is very balanced in mind, never let another dog come in the neighborhood
without saying I am the boss over here! Showing no fear or aggressive  behavior.
We got our Marwa (Enas Narwa al Djiibaajah) our of  Souís first litter. Coursing
is that what she likes most, Marwa is going on the racetrack as well, but favorite
will remain lure coursing.

*Klick here for Marwa's pedigree*



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