Taking its cues from a cuckoo clock, Cuckoo Property is a cafe combined with a 4-particular person property in Da Nang, Vietnam, made by architecture studio Tropical Space.

Constructed totally from nearby clay bricks, the coffee shop types a single-storey base, though the two-storey dwelling sits on prime and cantilevers out more than the green space beneath.

Cuckoo House by Tropical Space in Da Nang, Vietnam

Cuckoo House’s ground floor is wrapped by a brick shell, created permeable by significant arched openings. Half of this location types a significant outside courtyard, though the other half homes the glass box of the coffee shop.

The several components of the programme are all held collectively by what the architects known as “buffer layers”, locations of loosely programmed space that encourage movement out of rooms and likelihood encounters.

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Cuckoo House by Tropical Space in Da Nang, Vietnam

“Habits imply most people’s everyday lives typically take spot in functional spaces,” mentioned the architects.

“We have detached the walls that define these spaces to provide buffer space, urging men and women to leave their rooms and join collectively.”

Cuckoo House by Tropical Space in Da Nang, Vietnam

For the dwelling, these buffer locations are the uncovered space amongst the 3 blocks. They take the kind of elevated, planted alleyways that run by way of the brick types of the property, which is split into 3 distinct blocks.

Cuckoo House by Tropical Space in Da Nang, Vietnam

Based on the level of privacy preferred, several locations of the property can be connected or closed off by way of these buffer locations, by way of windows and tiny cuckoo clock-style wooden doors.

These open locations are also element of the all-natural ventilation technique, enabling cool air to flow by way of the dwelling for the duration of hot summers.

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Cuckoo House by Tropical Space in Da Nang, Vietnam

The spaces of the dwelling continue the arched language of the ground floor to offer significant windows, though above bedrooms are offered much more privacy with a perforated brick facade, which also offers the prospective for all-natural ventilation if the inner layer of glazing is opened.

Internally the brickwork, along with exposed concrete and wooden floors, creates cool, shaded spaces, dappled with the light that enters by way of the facade.

Cuckoo House by Tropical Space in Da Nang, Vietnam

Tropical Space has kind with utilizing these methods to bring all-natural ventilation into its styles.

Shells of perforated brickwork had been made use of to surround each their Termitary House project, also in Da Nang, and Terra Cotta Studio near Hội An.

Photography is by Oki Hiroyuki.


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