A bar created out of old IKEA mattresses has won the architecture prize at Chart 2019, ahead of structures constructed from latex, salt, paper and jute fabric.

Sultan is one particular of 5 meals and drinks kiosks constructed by young Danish architects and students for an exhibition at Chart, an art and style fair that took spot in Copenhagen more than the weekend.

Chart 2019 featured 5 pavilions advertising sustainable architecture

The challenge was to experiment with how reusable or recycled components could be employed to generate much more sustainable architecture.

Anne Bea Høgh Mikkelsen, Katrine Kretzschmar Nielsen, Klara Lyshøj, and Josefine Østergaard Kallehave developed and constructed theirs working with every single element of IKEA’s bestselling mattress.

Chart 2019 architecture pavilions
Sultan is made out of old IKEA mattresses

The designers hoped to make a statement about “mindless consumerism”. They wanted to highlight the problems in an financial method exactly where it is less expensive and simpler to acquire new goods rather than to recycle old ones.

The project is named Sultan, like the mattress, and repurposes its metal springs, foam stuffing and fabric. These form multilayered, textured walls for the double-height, timber-framed structure.

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Chart 2019 architecture pavilions
The mattresses form multilayered, textured walls

Judges awarded the project initial prize in the architecture contest, following getting impressed with the way it created recycling totally central to the style.

‘The Sultan project was a clear winner each since it is conceptually pretty sturdy and since its fabrication is pretty precise,” mentioned Massive partner David Zahle, who was one particular of the judges.

“IKEA is one particular of the largest players in the planet, and if you want your concept to seriously make a distinction, you need to have partners with a large attain,” he added.

Chart 2019 architecture pavilions
Rock Paper CNC is made from recycled paper

All 5 of the student-constructed pavilions had been in use for the 3 days of Chart. Sultan served as a bar for 1664 Blanc, although the other 4 supplied up other varieties of meals and drink.

A kiosk created from recycled paper served up Japanese meals and sake. Named Rock Paper CNC, it was constructed by Diana Smiljkovic, Gustav Kjær Vad Nielsen, Jonas Bentzen and Haris Hasanbegovic, along with artist Oskar Koliander.

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Chart 2019 architecture pavilions
The structure comprises 5 timber-framed towers clad in the paper tiles

The structure comprises a cluster of 5 timber-framed towers, all clad in 30-centimetre-square, recycled-paper tiles.

These tiles are created by means of a approach of mixing, compressing and baking. These had been created working with waste sourced from the offices of architects and engineers, which includes Arup and COBE.

Chart 2019 architecture pavilions
Salaria is created from old fishing nets, salt and wood

Cristina Román Díaz and Frederik Bo Bojesen employed salt in the producing of Salaria, a kiosk serving up salt-water oysters. It creates a floor surface that crunches underfoot, and also coats fishing nets to generate a shelter overhead.

Recycled plywood was sourced from Roskilde Festival to construct the building’s A-shaped frame, although the discarded fishing nets had been rescued from Copenhagen harbour.

Chart 2019 architecture pavilions
Cell is a balloon-like structure created from latex

Josefine Rita Vain Hansen and Marie Louise Thorning used latex to generate their style – a gin bar serving up Nordic-inspired cocktails.

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Named Cell, the structure can be inflated and deflated like a balloon.

Chart 2019 architecture pavilions
Snug as a Bug in a Rug is clad with latex-coated jute fabric

Latex also capabilities in Snug as a Bug in a Rug, developed by Mathias Bank Stigsen and Andreas Körner.

The creating is clad in a latex-coated jute fabric, developed to invite touch. During Chart, it served up vegetarian burgers from Gasoline Grill.

Chart 2019 architecture pavilions
It served up vegetarian burgers from Gasoline Grill

Chart 2019 took spot from 30 August to 1 September at two venues, Charlottenborg and Den Frie.

The 5 pavilions had been chosen from 54 proposals. They had been constructed in 72 hours, with technical help from Arup, in the courtyard outdoors the Charlottenborg venue.

At earlier editions of Chart, the space has also accommodated an inflatable pavilion by Massive, an algae-making pavilion by Space10 and a mini garden by Husum &amp Lindholm Architects.

Photography is by Joakim Züger.


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