This concrete coastal property in Brazil was made by locally primarily based Martins Lucena Architects to capture prevailing breezes and minimise solar heat achieve.

Casa IF by Martins Lucena Architects

The IF Residence occupies a corner lot in Ponta Negra, an oceanfront neighborhood in the town of Natal. Nearby studio Martins Lucena Architects completed the 420-square-metre dwelling for a young couple with two kids.

Casa IF by Martins Lucena Architects

The style approach started with a need to employ a modernist style vocabulary and to establish “spatial and visual flow” among inside and out. The house also necessary to respond to the area’s warm, sunny climate.

Casa IF by Martins Lucena Architects

For a gently sloping web site, the architects conceived an assemblage of boxes with cantilevers and setbacks. The structure is produced of concrete – a constructing material that enabled “the reading of the floors as separate volumes, and assured the fluidity of the internal spaces and huge spans”, the group stated in a project description.

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Casa IF by Martins Lucena Architects

Windows are oriented to the south and east in order to capture prevailing breezes. To assistance mitigate solar penetration, wooden shading devices and a cement-tile screen had been added to the exterior. These supplies – along with stone in the backyard – draw upon regional style traditions.

Casa IF by Martins Lucena Architects

“The use of supplies like wood and hydraulic tile, and the use of standard stones identified in the area, favours dialogue among modern and regional language,” the group stated.

The programme is distributed across 3 levels. The bottom floor includes a garage and service places, even though the ground level homes public zones and a guest suite. Bedrooms and a library had been placed on the prime floor, which is accessed by means of a streamlined staircase.

Casa IF by Martins Lucena Architects

“The stairs to the upper floor are made with the use of metal profiles in order to assure a slender structure with only two points of assistance,” the group stated.

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The house is intended to really feel expansive and absolutely free-flowing. This is specifically evident in the living space and dining location, exactly where retractable glass walls allow a seamless connection to the rear yard. The ground level provides ample space for entertaining good friends and loved ones.

Casa IF by Martins Lucena Architects

When modest in size, the yard provides a patio, swimming pool and grassy location with hammocks. The home’s upper volume partly cantilevers more than the outside location, supplying shade. Glass-lined balconies on the second floor offer you views of the surrounding neighbourhood.

Casa IF by Martins Lucena Architects

The dwelling capabilities a neutral colour palette and modern decor. White walls are paired with concrete ceilings and floors, with wooden accents lending a touch of warmth to the home’s minimal interior.

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Casa IF by Martins Lucena Architects

Other dwellings in coastal communities in Brazil involve the Bamboo Residence in Pipa Beach by Vilela Florez, which capabilities a chevron-patterned exterior, and a concrete and wooden abode close to Itamambuca Beach designed by Gui Mattos.

Photography is by Maíra Acayaba.

Project credits:

Architect: Martins Lucena Architects
Group: Márcio Lucena, Kleimer Martins, Tadeu de Brito, Tamáris Brasilerio, Deborah Barbosa, Kellington Dantas
Structural engineer: Aurélio Marcolino
Building: Ademi Costa


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