Petr Stolin Architekt has wrapped a double-skinned translucent facade of fibreglass about the Nová Ruda kindergarten in the Czech Republic.

The locally primarily based architecture studio developed the educational facility for the town of Liberec with the aim of balancing plentiful outside space with the want for safety and privacy.

Nová Ruda kindergarten by Petr Stolín and Alena Mičeková

An inner constructing is covered by a fibreglass-clad wooden frame, and the complete structure is then wrapped by a steel and fibreglass shell. The gap in between the two layers types a terrace space.

“The complete constructing is embraced by the steel structure with two walking paths about the most important sections, hidden from the street by one more layer of trapezoidal fibreglass,” said Petr Stolin Architekt.

Nová Ruda kindergarten by Petr Stolín and Alena Mičeková

Inside the steel shell, the central constructing surrounds a lengthy courtyard, with staircases and walkways that enable these inside to move in between a additional private garden space and the additional exposed perimeter walkway.

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Some of the huge openings are aligned in each layers so that views by way of the facade to the outdoors are achievable, although some appear out onto the walkway. At evening, this layering is revealed as the openings glow behind the outer skin.

Nová Ruda kindergarten by Petr Stolín and Alena Mičeková

Spaces in the buildings are arranged vertically. At ground level there is a quiet space with rest locations and a dining area.

Above this sits the playroom, which requires benefit of the connection to the courtyard and terraces.

On the major floor, the classroom positive aspects from skylights and views across an adjacent field.  Terraces and viewing locations on the rooftop are strategically placed alongside reduce-outs in the fibreglass shell, seeking back down into the central courtyard.

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Nová Ruda kindergarten by Petr Stolín and Alena Mičeková

The sloping, north-facing plot straight adjacent to an current art college, and a want for parking spaces proved a challenge for the project.

This constrained web-site led Stolín and Mičeková to create the notion of breaking down the kind of the constructing although maintaining it unified by its outer skin.

“We want young children to perceive and study about architecture by way of a variety of spatial configurations, which are implemented inside the complete composition”, they explained.

Nová Ruda kindergarten by Petr Stolín and Alena Mičeková

Final year, Invisible Studio utilized a comparable corrugated fibreglass material to build its prototyping workshop.

The glowing, lantern-like impact it achieves has also been utilized by Steven Holl Architects at each the VCU Institute for Modern Art and a Maggie’s Centre in London.

Photography is by Alex shoots buildings.


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