Mexican architects AM30 Taller de Arquitectura and Stephane Arriola have completed a trip dwelling in Jalisco, utilizing regular components and aiming to disturb the web page as small as doable.

Casa EC was made for an urban family members searching for a all-natural escape. It is positioned in Atemajac de Brizuela, a compact town roughly 100 kilometres (62 miles) outdoors of Guadalajara.

Casa EC by AM30 Taller de Arquitectura

“Architecture in the region is deeply rooted in tradition, and components discovered in the landscape drastically influence the way spaces are constructed,” stated the group in a project description. “The EC home embraces these cultural options and adapts them to the requirements of a family members of city dwellers.”

The 385-square-metre residence is created up of 5 rectangular volumes that cluster about a central courtyard. “Our method was adapting to the all-natural components on web page, splitting the programme into unique volumes and putting them about the current pine trees,” stated the architects.

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Casa EC by AM30 Taller de Arquitectura

Two of the boxes, at the southern finish of the web page, include a total of 3 guest bedrooms. Separating these locations from the rest of the dwelling offers guests additional privacy, and permits the courtyard to act as a gathering space.

“A terraced courtyard functions as a central plaza linking the front and back of the plot, as properly as building a space for interaction among the primary home and the guest rooms,” the group stated.

Casa EC by AM30 Taller de Arquitectura

The 3 other volumes type the primary portion of the dwelling, and are arranged about an exterior circulation staircase.

Living and dining locations are split up, and since of the level alterations on the web page, are separated by brief flights of actions. “The primary floor adjusts to the terrain surface and inner patios deliver light and ventilation, building atmospheres with special traits,” stated the architects.

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Casa EC by AM30 Taller de Arquitectura

Two bedrooms are positioned on the upper level, as properly as a secondary sitting region that overlooks the primary living space. The children’s bedroom is also positioned on a mezzanine, which sits above a lounge region that enjoys access to an interior courtyard.

In designing Casa EC, the group sought to maximise connections among living spaces and exterior spaces. “Hardwood flooring was made use of to make a continuous surface that extends the public spaces into outer decks, reinforcing the interaction with the surrounding vegetation,” they stated.

Casa EC by AM30 Taller de Arquitectura

Their method was to combine regular components and modern types. Regional stone was made use of for the exterior, even though easy volumes and angled rooflines give the residence a modern look.

AM30 Taller de Arquitectura was founded in 2014 in Guadalajara by Bernardo Hernandez and Maria Emilia Sartoris. The studio collaborated with Mexico-primarily based architect Stephane Arriola on the project.

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Casa EC by AM30 Taller de Arquitectura

Other houses in the western area of Jalisco involve a steady by AE Arquitectos constructed out of volcanic rocks and a minimalist dwelling organised about an atrium filled with trees by Abraham Cota Paredes.

Photography is by Lorena Darquea Schettini.

Project credits:

Lead architects: Emilia Sartoris, Bernardo Hernandez, Stephane Arriola
Structural engineer: Rafael Martín del Campo


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