Melike Altınışık Architects’ 369-metre-higher Çamlıca Television and Radio Tower has practically completed in Istanbul, with only the engineered facade left to set up.

Building started on the supertall telecommunications tower in 2016, and is due to finish later this year. When completed, it will be the highest structure above sea level in the city.

With staggered, elliptical levels close to the top rated, the tower’s geometry is created to alter from diverse perspectives across Turkey’s greatest city.

As nicely as getting a crucial piece of infrastructure for Turkey’s ministry for transport and communications, the structure will host a series of visitor attractions.

The top rated 13 levels will property observation decks and a restaurant providing 360-degree views more than the city, which sits on the border of Europe and Asia.

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Supertall Istanbul TV & Radio Tower nears completion

The observation decks will sit at 148 and 153 metres, even though the restaurant will host diners at 180 and 175 metres in the air.

A panoramic lift will transport the anticipated four.five million guests a year up the tower, which will also have a library and exhibition spaces situated in its base.

When comprehensive, the Çamlıca Television and Radio Tower will have capacity for 125 broadcasting transmitters.

Supertall Istanbul TV & Radio Tower nears completion

Levels of the tower have been lifted up in phases and attached to the concrete core.

4 of the eight building phases are now carried out, with the final 4 phases to lift up the 130-metre facade scheduled to comprehensive by autumn 2019.

Melike Altınışık Architects is primarily based in Istanbul. The studio has also lately revealed plans for a museum in Seoul that will be constructed working with robots, which includes 3D-printed concrete machines and drones.

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Photography is by Naaro.

Project credits:

Architect: Melike Altınışık Architects
Project director: Melike Altınışık
Project style group: Melike Altınışık in collaboration with Daniel Widrig
Project architects: Özge Çağlayan, Tuğba Okçuoğlu, Ayça Yontarım
Project group: Melih Altınışık, Tan Akıncı, Begüm Aktaş, İrem Coşkun, Gül Ertekin, Büşra Güler, Çiğdem Nur Kebapçı, Selçuk Kişmir, Thomas Kleinow, Samed Tezgah, Ahmet Ünveren
Architectural assistants: Ali Arslan, Yunus Emre Demirkıran, Zoe Georgio, Mazyvdas Samuolis, Beste Sensöz,
Structural engineer: Balkar
Structural peer overview: Thorton Tomasetti
Telecommunication engineer: ABE Teknoloji
Electrical engineer: HB Teknik
Mechanical engineer: Çilingiroğlu
Wind engineer: RWDI
Facade engineer: Newtecnic
Landscape architect: DS Landscape
Fire tactic consultant: Etik
Vertical circulation consultant: 3TEK
Acoustic consultant: Pro-Strategy
Lighting style consultant: Realities United, Darklighting
Way-discovering style consultant: POMPAA
Quantity survey and charge estimation: Entegre Project Management
Client: UDHB – Ministry of Transportation and Communication

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